Chariot of Dawn Toile Wallpaper

This room-wrapping panoramic mural, a reinterpretation of a neoclassical toile from the 1780s, stretches across six panels and features an action-packed parade of mythological scenes, from Apollo driving his four-horse chariot to Daphne morphing into a tree. At its center are seven statuesque zephyrs whose arresting beauty will steal the show.

Width-324 1/2"

Repeat - H 324" , V 144" 

Match - Straight 

This is sold as a 6 panel set.  The set will cover 324" wide x 144 High.

This is printed on a paper substrate. Background paper for this to make wider is sold separately. 

Any questions call 1-833-738-4233 or email us at 

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