Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Large scale leaves seem to sway in the trade winds revealing the flowers that will yield clusters of bananas, botanically a type of berry! This tall plant speaks of the tropics and of sunny summer days relaxing on the lanai. Use this wallpaper, some with pearl accents, to bring that lovely languid feeling indoors year round.

 Intoxicated by the glowing warmth of the sun; colorful shades of lush, enticing botanicals beckon. Relax. Discover. Enjoy. Escape to the tropics.

 Pre pasted - Washable - Strippable,

 Sure Strip Product

 Match- Drop

Repeat- 25.25"

Wallpaper is priced as a single roll 

Must order in qty's of 2 single rolls, which are physically packaged and delivered as 1 large double roll

Double roll covers approximately 60 square feet of wall area.

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